At the beginning of year 13, students need to start thinking about what universities they want to attend. Our aim is to help students make informed choices, to make sure they go to the most suitable university. We host many prestigious universities during this time of year. We were fortunate enough to host the University of British Columbia recently. The UBC has been very popular with our students in the past, and it looks like it will be a popular destination for the current year 13.
university careers

Students interested in the following universities or who are interested in studying abroad should attend the university presentations. Upcoming university presentations are on:
– September 15th at 12:35 Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)
– October 1st at 12:35 New College of the Humanities
– October 6th at 12:35 Carleton + other Canadian universities
– October 16th at 12:35 Jones University
– October 29th at 12:35 The USA Fair (9 universities)

For more information, please contact Mr. Mike Fletcher,

Mr. Mike Fletcher, University & Careers Counsellor