a-Rachel_0002From Mrs. Rachel Perkins, Head of Primary

Dear Parent, this week the school has been enjoying participating in our first ever Religious Education week. Year 2 and Reception visited Buddhist temples and Year 3 were very excited to visit a Sikh Temple on Tuesday. The children returned to school ready to tell me about their experience and what they had learnt, with the over riding message of how kind the people were that they met and how much they shared with them.

We also welcomed over 20 parents to our iPad workshop led by IT Co-ordinator Jenna Tait and the feedback was very positive. Next week we will be holding our annual World Food Day and the children will eat either a ‘poor meal’ or a ‘rich meal’. This event gives the children the chance to experience how it feels to have to eat a set diet and also will make them appreciate their normal meals and life style. We are also collecting rice for the Mercy Centre so please kindly place all donations on the table in the Line Up area.

Please kindly note that next Friday (16th Oct) the school will be closed for staff training.

Have a wonderful weekend.

With best wishes,


From Mr Brian Irving, Head of Secondary

a-Brian_0002Dear Parents,

This week Mr Barrow and I welcomed a group of parents to our inaugural Parent-Teacher Committee meeting. A number of issues were discussed, including some seminars that the Secondary School will be holding for parents on topics as diverse as ‘helping your child with revising’ to ‘the challenges of bringing up pre-teens’. The number of parents attending was small, but from little acorns mighty oak trees grow.

I have spent a couple of afternoons recently spectating at our basketball matches. The skill and agility of the players, especially during these currently very humid conditions, fill me with awe. I would encourage parents to come along and support the students as they go into sporting battle.

Next week sees our first Parent-Teacher Consultation of the year and I hope that the students already (or will very shortly) have passed on their appointment sheets.

English Week is outstanding with English competitions, English speaking year group winners performing at lunchtime and an English ‘selfie’ booth alongside other events to celebrate our school’s common language ‘English’. The students who achieve the better results are those who work tirelessly to improve their levels of written and spoken English.

Have a learning-filled week.