This week Early Years, Key stage One and Key stage Two, have been studying religions. The big six are Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism. Each year group focussed on a different faith.

We are doing this to help pupils understand the differences and similarities between the religions, so that we can understand the practices and beliefs of the people in our community and abroad.

Early Years studied the religion closest to home for most; Buddhism. They went out of school to find out about the local Wat.

Year 1 studied Christianity, learning all about how Chrisitans worship and stories from the bible.

Year 2 explored Buddhism but went further, down to Wat Saket. Where the monks explained about the importance of living a good life. Pupils also learned about Buddhas birth.

Year 3 had an exciting time exploring the Gurdwara in Little India; a unique experience for them all. They learned that the core of Sikh belief is equality and sharing.

Year 4 Studied Judaism, focusing on the Festivals of Sukkhot and Rosh Hasannah.

Year 5 Learned about Islam, finding out how Moslems live and how their faith influences their lives.

Year 6 Studied Hinduism and warmly received a Hindu visitor , Miss Chinky, who demonstrated how a Hindu person practices their religion.

Pupils learned a great deal about the faiths present in Thailand, and we hope that it will promote inter-community understanding as well as developing our Internationalism; Pillar or Learning.

The week was rounded off with religious story telling and an interhouse quiz on all that has been studied this week.

Both Wat Saket and the Sikh Gurdwara representatives commented on how well behaved, respectful and polite our pupils were! They were a credit to their parents, teachers and school.

By Mr. Karl Perkins, Humanities Coordinator 

Reception’s trip to the Rama 9 Wat

As part of RE week Reception visited the local Wat at Rama 9. We met a monk and he told us all about the history of the Wat. It is famous in Thailand as it was built after the King spoke to local people who expressed a wish for a Wat to be built in their community. It is the only Wat to have a statue of the King inside and one of the King’s dogs was from this temple. We enjoyed walking around the beautiful pond and could see lots of turtles and fish. Thank you to Kru Chaweewan organising the trip for us as we were able to learn more about Buddhism.

By Mrs. Helen Normoyle, Reception Teacher

Year 2 Visit Wat Saket

As part of the RE focus week, on Monday 5th October, the children of Year 2 visited Wat Saket. When the children arrived they were greeted by a monk who explained the importance and significance of Wat Saket to the Thai Buddhist community. The Wat is over 200 years old and and is one of the very auspicious temples in Thailand which has a relic of Buddha on site. In order to celebrate this the Wat (which is also known as the Golden Mount), was build on a artificial mound. The children climbed the 344 steps to the top in order to see the Chedi (and the view over Bangkok), where Buddhist children paid their respects, which others watched on respectfully. It was a fun and informative trip which we must thank Mr Perkins and Miss Usa for organising!

By Mr. Paul Ferrandino, Key Stage 2 Coordinator